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11/05/18 ATTENTION: Logging in just got easier!

If you choose to, you can still use your Services account to login. However, with Kerberos and certificate authentication options now available, you can significantly reduce number of times you need to type in your password throughout your work week. Read on to see which option is right for you.

On-site Fermi Windows system - Recommended for users who
- are on-site (or logged in to VPN) and
- use a Windows computer in the FERMI domain (this includes the vast majority of Fermilab-owned Windows computers) and
- use an Internet Explorer, Edge or Chrome browser

Kerberos (FERMI or FNAL) - Recommended for users who
- use a Mac or Linux/Unix computer and
- use a browser configured for Kerberos authentication and
- have a valid Kerberos ticket from either the FNAL.GOV or the FERMI.WIN.FNAL.GOV realm

Fermilab CILogon certificate - Recommended for users who
- use a password or otherwise protected device or computer, which is not shared with others and
- use any browser on any operating system, including mobile and
- have a CILogon Basic CA certificate imported in your browser that was obtained using Fermilab credentials
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